What is Google+ and Why Should You Care?

Google Plus ProjectHoly smokes isn’t like everybody talking about Google+? So why should I?

Because it is pretty important and it could change the name of the game. You might as well at least know what is going on!

It is still so new you don’t have to put a ton of pressure on yourself but you should have an inkling as to what is going on.

What is it?

The most watered down version I can give you goes like this:

  • It IS similar to Facebook visually
  • Instead of being ‘Friends’ with everyone, you put them in Circles
    • You can make Circles whatever you want
    • People can be in multiple Circles
    • You can make Circles for family, friends, coworkers, strangers, Twitter friends – whatever you want
    • This is GOOD! In the real world you have different groups of people in your life, Google+ bases itself on that
  • Videos and images are HUGE when people share them, making more people engage with them
  • If you have a Google Profile, your Google+ profile may already be filled in – don’t be creeped out
  • Lots of people are raving about ‘Hangouts’ where you can have a video call with other Google+ members

Why should I care about Google+? Isn’t it one more distraction?

Yes, it does seem like just another thing to worry about. I would advise against turning your back to it though, because playing catch-up is harder than being there from the beginning.

Why should you care?

  • Because all the early adopters are freaking out about it
  • Know how all the famous Twitter experts got famous and got to write all the books on Twitter and their businesses are case studies for how to do Twitter right? It is because they were there early trying new things
  • Because Google owns so much of the internet space, it would be ignorant to think they wouldn’t all effect each other (yes, I am hinting at your search rankings)

A few other things to note are business pages have not been launched yet. Do not create a business page. Even Pete Cashmore from Mashable got a talking to about creating an account for Mashable. Be patient. It will happen.

Also, no one knows what to talk about on Google+ yet. Most people seem to be talking about Google+. Don’t be shy, use this awkward time as an opportunity to connect with people you think seem interesting. See what they have to say and see where it goes from there.

Do not buy into a Google+ guru, ninja or expert. It is so new you will possibly learn more by playing around with it than you would at a webinar/class/how to video.

Lastly, David Pride shared this video on Google+. I thought it was cute but I am a sucker for these paper animation videos. It might help clear a few things up!

And if you need a buddy on Google+, you can come find me!

I asked a bunch of SMBME friends in our LinkedIn Group what they thought of Google+ so far and we got some good responses. You might want to read some of those too.

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