What is a #Hashtag?

We talk about #hashtags a lot at SMBME. At each breakfast we encourage people to use the hashtag #SMBME during the event. What I wanted to do here is stop and go back to the beginning and explain what a #hashtag is.

A #hashtag is a way to mark a conversation on Twitter. That way you can refer to the conversation later, find other people who are marking their conversations the same way and connect with people around a topic or an event.

  • You can search for existing hashtags on listing sites like WTHashtag.com
  • You can create your own hashtag just by adding the # in front of the words you want to make a hashtag (leave out spaces in between words)

For example is you are at a Social Media Breakfast and you want to quote a speaker to send out to your Twitter followers, you can tweet:

“Social Media is a great way to connect with your customers” – @amanda_pants #SMBME

That way your followers can check out the hashtag #SMBME to see what other people are saying about the event and you can go back later and search the hashtag to connect with new people or review content. When you click on a hashtag on Twitter it brings you to a list of all the other people who have recently used that hashtag.

People use hashtags for all sorts of reasons:

  • Live events – #SMBME #MLB
  • Geography – #maine #portland
  • Television shows – #madmen #dwts #castle
  • Joke punchlines – #sarcasm #fail
  • Live Twitter chats – #blogchat

For more information and best practices, you can check out Twitter’s official explanation. Hope that helps and happy tweeting!

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