Upcoming Social Media Breakfast

SMBME 87 – Branding Your Business

Ok. Let’s DO this!

We are very excited to kick off 2018 with you in a big way. This month is our first month in our new home at Rising Tide.

For this special month, we got a spectacular lineup for you and we are going to tackle branding. Branding can be confusing so we are going to come at it from a few different angles.

Emily Brackett from Visible Logic and The Branding Compass is going to give us a tour of the Branding Compass, a tool her team made. Branding Compass is a web-based application that will help you sort out the ideas in your head into a Unique Value Proposition and provide a customized creative brief. It is an online, DIY tool that is affordable for small business owners and startups.

Trevor Jones and Tracy Scheckel from OTT Communications are going to talk about their decision to rebrand the company. They are specifically going to focus on the internal work that was done – employee surveys, creating an engagement committee and more.

Alex Denniston has made a career out of helping brands figure out who they are, the values their customers have, and why their customers choose and use their products. Once organizations know that, it is easier for them to make decisions, products, and to find the right consumers to be in front of.

When you know who you are and why people work with you it is easier to know what you want to get across visually and in the brand experience… that isn’t just about picking a logo you like 😉 Sean Wilkinson from Might & Main is going to talk about all the aspects of your brand and the impact it has on your audience and customers.

Lastly, we will end with where you need to go now. How do you take your brand and make it go past a look and feel and get it out into not only the world but a digital world?! Chris Brogan will be closing our morning and speaking to just that!

This is going to be a great morning. Food for the morning will be provided by Sister’s Gourmet Deli. The capacity of this room is 120. If you want to come, please don’t hesitate to register. We will offer a waitlist but if this is a priority for you, please sign up early.

What: SMBME 87 – Branding Your Business

When: January 26th, 7:30-10:30 AM

Where: Rising Tide, 103 Fox Street

How: We would never, ever, ever be able to do this without our sponsors: Portland Press Herald, PretiFlaherty, Maine Public Relations Council, Gorham Savings Bank, Noyes Hall and Allen, Anania Media, fluent, Agents of Change and Vreeland Marketing and Design.


There is plenty of parking available at Rising Tide and on surrounding streets 🙂