Top 6 Takeaways from SMBME 65 – Putting Your Business on the Map with Google

Thank you everyone for joining us for our 65th Social Media Breakfast. This month we had Jennifer McDonald of TideSmart Global and Joel Bolton from Maine Virtual Tours come and talk to us all about the importance of having your business listed with Google.

Here are my top 6 takeaways from the morning:

  1. We use our smartphones for everything (and so do your customers) – I loved how Jennifer kept saying our phones were intimate devices. I had never heard that but it sure does make sense. We care about them, we bring them everywhere, we care what they look like, we lock them for privacy, we have apps to track them if we lose them and, according to her data, we check them over 150 times A DAY! Eek! We use our phones to search, to look for things locally, to look for deals, to see reviews of products, and to share our experience with our products after we buy them. They are a part of the entire buying cycle.
  2. Simple messaging, be authentic, provide value – Jennifer listed these as the steps needed to succeed in a digital marketing world and I cannot agree more. The tune hasn’t changed but the tools have. Many of us get too wrapped up in what we can do, what we could do and saying as much as we can. Something easy, real and helpful will win every time.
  3. Go to to see how your business is doing with local search and get next steps to optimize your business profile. I did a quick check for my job and I have some work to do! If you need help, more information or have a unique issue, you should contact Joel to help you work through it.
  4. Mike Blumenthal is your man for the nitty gritty on Local Search – Joel directed us to Mike Blumenthal for more information about the ever changing world of local search. I took a peek at his blog already and can’t wait to get more in there and look for some complicated questions I have.
  5. Google+ is reaching the end… it seems. Alas, they tried, and reworked, and reworked some more but… it looks like G+ is winding down. Joel showed us some funny videos (one is below). Our local tweeps also shared some recent G+ articles here and here.
  6. Marcy’s Diner was NOT the most linked to story from Facebook to the PPH site last month – I don’t even know how that is possible?!? The Marcy’s Diner story that blew up the local interwebs was overshadowed by the man who threw a party in Baxter State Park. Weird! Thank you to our sponsors and friends from the Portland Press Herald for joining us again and for showing us that cool tool!

Here is a link to Joel’s full presentation. So much good information in here.

Here is a link to Jennifer’s full presentation too. Some great stats to share with your company or clients!

See you next month!

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  • Jennifer MacDonald

    Thank you for providing the great recap. It was a pleasure to join you and all of the attendees this morning to discuss Google and marketing in the new digital age.