There is No Social Media Pill

Social Media Pill
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We had a great Social Media Breakfast last week. We were talking about social media in highly regulated industries. Our panels did a fantastic job but there was also some great conversations happening at the tables and in corners of the room. Great conversations about all kinds of businesses trying to find their way through this social media craze/maze.

I also attended the TechMaine awards last week (my company was nominated for Tech Company of the year, we did not win – Ocean Renewable Power Company did). The night’s speaker was Brenda Garrand from Garrand Marketing and she was attempting to tackle the issue of ‘breakthrough’. The notion of the millions of signals and companies vying for our attention and hard earned dollars. How is a company expected to compete and break through all of that noise and distraction.

These two events got me thinking about social media for businesses, especially some of the businesses that are still waiting on their haunches to see how this whole social media thing plays out. My concern is by the time they decide it is safe to join the party, it may be hard to catch up!

When I joined Twitter there were 14,000,000 people on it. That is a lot but it was still easy to have some good conversations and have your tweets heard. I have a friend who recently joined Twitter and she was Twitter user number 316,038,538 and I know a company that started a few weeks ago and they are user number 318,118,197. Yikes! That is a lot of people. How do you get your tweets heard?

There is not a social media pill you can take to bulk up your profile when you are ready to jump in. There is no easy route to building your profiles and being a social media success. Catching up is harder than being there early on. Most of the famous social media stars, book authors and professional speakers have one major difference over the rest of us – they were there first.

Should you be cautious? Of course. Should you have plans, procedures and policies? Sure! But I caution on waiting until the last possible minute because you may have a harder climb uphill than those who came before you!

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