Need an Inspirational Kick in the Pants? Listen to DJ and John

Living Your Passion Podcast with John Lee DumasI think all of us could use a good inspirational kick in the pants as we are coming into our hunker down months.
I have started getting into listening to more podcasts. Some on topics I like, some from people I like and SOME are BOTH!

I have been listening to my friend DJ Waldow’s new(ish) podcast, Living Your Passion. He has had some really interesting guests on there and how can you not be inspired by listening to people who are so inspired?!?

This week’s guest was especially near and dear to my heart… our own John Lee Dumas. Not that John is OURS but he is from Maine, he has been a SMBME speaker and we have loved watching his success.

Added bonus, my heart strings were tugged when the two of them gave me some mad props in the show intro. Always nice to hear people like you and what you do.

So, have a listen… get inspired… be proud of our Mainers taking over the world!

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