Local Social Media Stars Who Are Doing it Right

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This past Social Media Breakfast Maine we had an all-star line-up to help us recap the last year and prepare for 2011. We were lucky to have the three organizers of Social Media FTW, Rich Brooks, Chrystie Corns and Jaica Kinsman to share with us their thoughts on the current social media landscape.

For the second half of the breakfast, we opened up into a panel and the attendees were able to ask the presenters questions that they had. One of those questions was prepared by me and I wanted to share the responses I got from the speakers with you.

What is one local success story that you found inspiration in this past year?

  1. Sea Bags – Chrystie Corns said she was really impressed with how well Sea Bags is doing with their online marketing. They always have deals, specials, quizzes and contests running on their Facebook page. They have a large fan base and interact with them regularly.
  2. Comedian Bob Marley – Jaica told us about an experience she had with one of her clients, Bob Marley, this year. Together they were using social media to promote his attempt (and success) breaking a world record for the longest stand-up performance. The event was also a fundraiser for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. Jaica told us about the power of social media she felt with such a big event. People were following along online and she was interacting with viewers in real time.
  3. Calvin Gilbert and Goodwill of Northern New England – Rich told us that he was really impressed with the work Calvin is doing for Goodwill of Northern New England. They have been using location based services, coupons on Facebook and Facebook ads to target people geographically with new store openings.
  4. Beadin’ Path – Rich also said he has always been impressed with the work Heather DeSimone has done creating a community online around her brand, Beadin’ Path.
  5. Chantal – Both Rich and Jaica chimed in on how impressed they are with Chantal, a clothing store in the Old Port. They say that the owner does a good job creating regular content and interacting with their network online. Rich said she is very good about putting up content about trends we see on popular television shows and where you can buy the look. Jaica told us about their amazing fleece lined tights and how when she was telling a friend about them on Twitter, the owner of Chantal was quick to jump in on the conversation.
  6. That was the list that our experts came up with. I think they did a good job. Part of the reason I think the breakfasts are so successful is because we can learn from our neighbors. It is great to read case studies about how the Gap, Starbucks and Dell are using social media but it is easier for us to relate to what our friends and neighbors are using, versus the big brands. That is why I wanted to share this list with you here, so as we come into the new year we can take a peek at some people who killed it in 2010 in social media and learn from them.

    Thanks again to our speakers and everyone who made our last breakfast such a huge success.

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