Little Known But Useful Tool: Facebook Debugger

Some of you may already know about the Facebook Debugger tool, but I thought I’d share it for those who don’t. It’s a handy little tool for developers that’s been around for awhile, but it can come in handy for all of us.

Ever start to post something to your Facebook page and run into a not-so-great link preview? Sometimes it’s missing an image when you know there are many on the page. Other times the description snippet is old and doesn’t accurately reflect the current content. Of course you can edit the title and description if you click on them in the preview, but if that link then gets shared by your followers — it reverts back to the original. You may not be getting the preview you expect because the data has been cached.

Enter the Facebook Debugger tool: pop the URL you’re having an issue with into the tool and voila! — the cache is cleared. It will spit out a lot of technical info, but what you care about is the cache clear happening behind the scenes. When you go to post your link again you’ll see an updated link preview that reflects all of the current content. The tool wasn’t originally developed for this specific purpose, but that’s ok — still serves a great purpose.

Anyone else have any handy tools they use like this one?

Using the Facebook debugger tool
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  • Pat Ruppel

    I get an error message from FB Debugger when I enter my URL The error message reads:

    Object at URL ‘’ of type ‘article’ is invalid because the given value ” for property ‘fb:app_id’ could not be parsed as type ‘fbid’.

    Can you tell me what that means?

  • Kim Sandy

    Yay!!!!!!!! You helped me fix my issue…thanks!

  • sandra toschi

    non riesco a condividere music su facebook

  • Ivaylo Ovanes

    And how can I change the link to show another photo preview when shared on Facebook?
    I am not happy with the present photo pick.

  • Sagun Paudel

    Thanks it works in my url :

  • Newstodaynow

    Thank for sharing this topic.

  • Info Imbrum

    Thanks for sharing this post. I like it.