LinkedIn Maps Your Network

Visualize Your Network

That cool illustration above is LinkedIn’s new InMap, a visual representation of my professional network. The new tool takes all of your LinkedIn connections and shows you how all of those connections relate to each other. Bigger names or dots represent people with bigger networks and when you click on a dot you see the corresponding LinkedIn profile and how you are connected to them.

The InMap color codes your different networks. For example my InMap shows my Maine Social Media connections in blue, my old coworkers from the radio station are in light orange, my Hall Internet Marketing connections are in pink, my Hall customers and connections are in grey and light blue, my UNH and Portsmouth friends are in blue and purple and my Social Fresh Cruise, Blue Sky Factory and social media friends from around the country are in green.

Once you have your InMap completed, it is pretty neat to poke around. See who fits where and which of your connections connect to the most other groups. Anyone with a LinkedIn profile with over 50 connections and a profile that is over 75% complete can create there InMap. Once you have created your InMap you can also share it, LinkedIn just strips out the names for you.

For more information on the InMap go to the application, read the recent blog post about it from LinkedIn or watch the video below. Will the new InMap make you millions of dollars? Probably not. What it can do is help you understand your network a little better, how everyone relates to each other and who is very connected. It is also just pretty cool looking. Hope you have fun with it!

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  • Thalassa Deburgh

    I keep getting told that my profile is only 50% complete but I don´t understand what else I can add- I have lots of info. Please tell me what I need to do to make it 75%. Thanks!

  • admin

    View your profile and the progress bar should prompt you for the next steps to making your profile complete. It could be asking for a recommendation, adding previous employers, adding a photo etc. Good luck!

  • amanda_pants

    Thalassa, Just yesterday LinkedIn posted the steps to completing your profile Hope that helps!