Your Business Needs an Army

spose-concertTomorrow I am speaking at MPRC about Juggling Social Media. I can’t help but think of the best PR analogy I think I ever heard was that PR is like a bank account, you need to keep putting in deposits, before you can make a withdrawal. I think a lot of businesses go about this backwards.

Think about it… Public Relations should be about telling everyone how great and helpful you are. How your product or service helps people and your community. Then, heaven forbid, if something were to go wrong, you have goodwill among your community.

We think PR and social media are about telling people what we need (come to my event, shop at my store, download my widget), but it needs to be about what our fans and community needs.

Which brings me to Spose…

I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t surprised last year when I was told I was on a social media panel with Spose, the white rapper from Maine. We talked about social media and building your brand. Spose not only has a brand, but he has an ARMY of passionate fans.


That Mr. Spose is one smart cookie and he gained another member of his ‘army’ that day… this girl. Not only is Ryan, aka Spose, good at his craft, he is an excellent marketer. He gives and gives and gives to his fans and community. He includes his army in his social media posts, thanks them regularly, includes them in his videos, reshares their content and treats them like a family. They are loyal, they share his message for him, they buy his albums, some even get tattoos sharing their admiration for the rapper.

Yesterday while Spose was on tour, his tour bus was robbed. They stole his equipment, his creative work and pissed him off (WJBQ has a quick recap with more links about the event).

What comes next is absolutely amazing, Spose’s ‘army’ set up a GoFundMe account and at the time of the post, they have raised almost $14,000 in less than a day to help him get back some of his equipment so he can continue his work and his tour. If you look at the donations, many are just $10-$20 donations.

“I was there at that show that night man…You killed it, and you treated every fan like a god. You didn’t deserve this brother…” – Cody with a donation of $10

No, the money won’t bring back the personal items and music he lost but the support from his fans is undeniable and hopefully he can pick back up and get back to doing what he does best.

So as we carry on with our social media strategies and editorial calendars and press releases… let’s think about how our businesses can grow an army, not fans or followers or link backs, or search rankings. Have an ‘army’ and I promise, the rest will follow.

Photo credit: Spose Facebook

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