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CruiseDeals gives away Alaskan CruiseWe have been talking a lot about content at the past few Social Media Breakfasts. We have talked about ideas for engaging our audiences, getting more subscribers or fans and how to turn that into actual return.

We have heard a few people talk about running Facebook or Twitter contests so when I saw this really well executed Twitter content from CruiseDeals, I knew I wanted to add it to our social media case studies.

The contest

Cruise Sources contest rules for the Alaskan cruiseThe prize was a Royal Caribbean Alaskan Cruise. To enter you needed to go to the contest rules page, press the Click to Tweet button and then sometime on Friday afternoon between Noon and 5pm @CruiseDeals was going to send out a secret email address that you needed to email to officially enter.

Why I liked the set up:

  • Drives people to the website
  • The tweet that was sent out from your account was not obnoxious
  • It incorporated emailing the company

Alaskan cruise tweetAll three of those are measurable points in the process – website traffic, Tweets about the content and emails sent.

Even with this being three different actions, it didn’t feel like a lot of hoops to jump through to complete the process.

The finesse:

Anyone who has tried to run a campaign or contest, knows things come up and that they are hard to do well. There were a few points in this contest that really impressed me.

  • While everyone who wanted to win this contest was glued to the @CruiseDeals Twitter stream, they used humor to connect with their followers. They also educated their followers about their services, other promotions and the rules of the contest – without being annoying. Their tone throughout was consistent.
  • The cruise left from Vancouver, CA and the current temperature in Vancouver at the time of this contest was 64 degrees so the 64th emailer would be the winner. Nothing too fancy there just a little finesse – tying in the contest rules with the prize – clever.
  • The prize was perfect! Much of the country was going through a heat wave that week. Would this promotion have been as successful if it was a Bahamas vacation? Maybe… but I have to assume the thought of going to Alaska to beat the heat probably sounded pretty darn good to these entrants!

The savvy:

Some of you may know that I have some friends that work at CruiseDeals. They have always done such a good job with social media and it isn’t because they have cool stuff to give away as much as they have the talent to pull it off. I was impressed with some of the business savvy in this contest.

The prize was a 7-night Alaskan Cruise on Royal Caribbean and a whale watching shore excursion! The room was an interior room and you needed your own transportation to get there. That is an awesome prize but not a huge sacrifice to the company. If I would have won that prize, I would have probably even upgraded the room – why not!? So I would have been so excited to win and the company would still make money off me. The prize you give away doesn’t have to be a brand new car or something that completely breaks the bank, but it does have to be something that the winner feels they totally made out on.

This was not a willy nilly contest. CruiseDeals had an objective, goals and data points they were going to measure along the way and a team to execute it. I reached out to my friend Rich to tell him what a great job they did and asked if I could write about it here. I asked him if he could send me some brief stats on how the contest went. Check out this PDF he sent me as a reply. What a perfect snapshot of how this contest went and many of you could do the same thing. He didn’t use expensive measurement software – he used free tools and his own skills to do this wrap up (I think). Now that is something you can bring to a board meeting or your boss and be proud of.

SHOW people that you aren’t just playing around on Facebook all day and that you are seeing real business results!

So thank you again Rich for a great example of how to execute a Twitter contest and for showing us that with a little finesse and business know-how many of us could do the same! Rich and CruiseDeals are a leader in social media marketing. Rich said that they are always looking for social media promotional partners, if you’d like to brainstorm ideas contact him on Twitter or email him: rtucker AT cruisedeals.com.

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