3 Reasons Facebook is Taking Over the World

Mark Zuckerberg named People Magazines person of the year
Photo credit: People Magazine

2010 was an amazing year. Personally and professionally, I think it was one of the best years of my life. 2010 will be remembered for lots of things (the economy, Chilean miners, Wikileaks, Gulf Oil Spill, Tiger Woods tarnishes his image, Haiti, Conan’s late night drama, the iPad, Toyota recall, Vancouver Olympics – that was your 2010 recap), things that will change our future and things we will never forget. There is one thing that not only changed how we, as a society, do things but how we communicate, share, interact and work – Facebook.

Facebook was made open to the public in 2006 but 2010 may be the year it will be remembered for taking over.

3 reasons Facebook is taking over the world:

  1. More traffic than Google – Facebook was not only the most visited site in the United States, but on top of that ‘Facebook’ was the most searched term on Google (for the second year in a row). Double whammy! Google has remained on top of web visits for years now so the dethronement is a pretty big deal. Facebook users usually visit the site multiple times a day (if they aren’t on it all day), so the repeat visitors may be what really put the nail in the coffin for Google this year.
  2. Worth more than…Goldman Sachs just put in a $500 million dollar investment into Facebook, bringing their value to about $50 billion. This new value assessment makes Facebook worth more than Yahoo and eBay. It is still currently is behind Amazon and the Google empire.
  3. Mark Zuckerberg named Person of the Year for Time magazine – The 26 year old founder of Facebook was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Rick Stengel made the announcement on NBC’s Today Show and said “…2010 was the year that Facebook reached critical mass, both in sheer quantity of users and in its presence (through its ‘connect’ features) all over the Web.” You can read the online version of the Time article here.

Facebook isn’t just for college kids anymore. It is how people are communicating, searching and sharing. The generation that is growing up with it, can’t live without it. The popular movie, The Social Network, is a front runner for winning Best Picture of the Year.

So if you were wondering when is the time for your business to start looking into Facebook, this may be it. How big does Facebook need to get before we think it is worth adding to our communication channels? If you are B2C, B2B, brick and mortar or an eCommerce store, your customers are already on Facebook. Maybe you should be too.

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