Upcoming Social Media Breakfast

SMBME 73 – Analytics 101

Are you using analytics to measure what’s working – and what’s not?

Marketing of any kind needs analytics. If you’re not measuring your progress as you go, you have no way of knowing how far you’ve come – and which way you need to go to get to your destination. Forget the fancy Excel spreadsheets and formulas (unless, of course, you love that kind of thing). When it comes to analytics, sometimes less is more. For this breakfast, we’ve gathered some of our favorite analytics smarties to talk about the basics of web and social analytics tools – and some more advanced options you might not know about.

Jenika Pouliot – Page One Web Solutions
Suzanne Madore – Ethos
Chad Gilley – Portland Press Herald

What: SMBME 73 – Analytics 101
When: July 22, 2016, 7:30-10AM
Where: Portland’s Masonic Temple, 415 Congress St., Portland
Where do I park? There is a list of options at the bottom of this page
How: We would never be able to pull these events off without the help of our sponsors: Portland Press Herald, Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference, Gorham Savings Bank, and Vreeland Marketing.


The Portland Masonic Temple is at 415 Congress Street and there are plenty of parking options in the area.

  • Elm Street Garage, 15 Elm Street (Metro station)
  • Temple Street Parking Garage, 11 Temple Street (Nickelodeon)
  • One City Center Parking Garage
  • Top of the Old Port Parking, 119 Pearl Street

One Hour Parking enforced behind the Portland Masonic Temple on Cumberland and side streets.


We are sorry, but bacon is ordered one week in advance. To transfer or refund a ticket, please contact us 7 days prior to the event and we can process that for you.