Upcoming Social Media Breakfast

SMBME 79 – Show Me the Money!

Social Media Marketing has obviously taken on a life of its own in the past few years. Many businesses are using social media to reach their target customers. Unfortunately lots of those businesses are leaving money on the table, costing themselves money with avoidable mistakes, and could be saving money if they optimized their campaigns.

This SMBME we will be thinking green… not just because it is St. Patrick’s Day but because we want to make money for our businesses using social media.

We are so excited to have Emily Straubel, from Big Room Studios, as a speaker. Emily has worked with lots of different companies as a marketing strategist. She is going to talk about social media mistakes she sees companies regularly making that are costing them money.

We also have Jeff Mack and Sol Dostillo, from Vont, coming to tell us some tricks to optimize your social media ad campaigns to better spend your money.

We hope you can join us this month. Missing this one might directly impact your wallet 😉

What: SMBME 79 – Show Me the Money!

When: March 17th, 7:30-10 AM

Where: Portland’s Masonic Temple, 415 Congress Street

How: I would never, ever, ever be able to do this without our sponsors: , Portland Press Herald, Knack Factory, Gorham Savings Bank, Agents of Change and Vreeland Marketing and Design.


  • Metered parking
  • Elm Street Garage, 15 Elm Street (Metro station)
  • Temple Street Parking Garage, 11 Temple Street (Nickelodeon)
  • One City Center Parking Garage
  • Top of the Old Port Parking, 119 Pearl Street

Hourly Parking enforced behind the Portland Masonic Temple on Cumberland and side streets.


Our friends at METRO also wanted to make sure you knew there was a bus stop right by the Temple, if anyone would like to commute in by bus. The fares and schedule can be found on their website.