How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page

Keeping an eye on who likes your Facebook page is always a good idea. Knowing who is liking your page and when is helpful to determine how often new people are liking your page, possible places they may have come from or to see who you know from other networks that is getting to know you better on this channel.

This feature has always been available but it just moved and freaked a few of us out for a minute.

Previously if you clicked on the # Like This link it would show you the list of the people that like your page. Now if you click on that it brings you right to your Facebook Insights (weird).

New(er) way to see who likes your page

The first thing you need to do to see who likes your Facebook page is to Use the Page AS your page and not as yourself.

Now instead of looking to the left column, look right up in the blue navigation bar. those icons of people are now where you can see who has likes your page. The red notification lets you know how many people have ‘liked’ your page since you were last logged in this way and looked at who has liked your page.

Who likes your facebook page

By clicking that people icon you can see who has most recently liked your Facebook page. If you click on See All you can view the full list and scroll through your fans using the scroll bar on the right hand side.

There you go. Now you can see who is liking your Facebook page!

If you want to see what Facebook Pages like your Page you can read this blog or check out the accompanying video.

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  • T. Davis

    I have a facebook page for my business and I am really struggling to keep up with the frequent adjustments facebook makes to their business pages. My question is why can’t I see any “Use Facebook as social media” links on my facebook page? A lot of links and things I see on your page are not on mines. What do I have to do in order to catch my page up to speed?

  • amanda_pants

    I know! All the changes can be super frustrating.

    I just want to make sure but you are looking for the link to say ‘Use Facebook as Associated Insurance Systems Services, Inc.’ not ‘Use as Social Media’.

    If that isn’t there I have a few guesses. It could be because you don’t have a personal page that is tied to it (and/or could be confused for it) or it could be because I am the admin of multiple pages? That could explain why we see it differently?

    So if you can’t ‘use facebook as you page’ does that mean you also can’t see who is following you with the little people icon up top?

  • Lillian Lake

    Does this not work the same for a non-profit. When I click on the “like” for our page (and I’m an administrator) it lists everyone. There is no drop down for people or pages, etc.

  • amanda_pants

    Interesting… even if you are ‘using the page as ____’? Would you mind taking a screen cap of it and showing us?

  • Christopher Daly

    Any ideas why the “see all” link would not appear for my page? I’ve tried it across OS’s and browsers, but can only ever see 10-15 likes of the 1088 on my page. I know that about 700 of those likes are bogus – and all got spiked to my page in Dec 2011. I want to remove them but ahve had no luck since I can not access them.

  • Mark Madonna

    Great. BUT: in your example, and on my own page, the list of Like-rs is not in the usual alphabetical order — it seems to be in reverse chronological order (i.e., most recent on top). Anyone know of a way to sort and/or search the list of Page Likes? I need to be able to check if various FB user’s already Like the Page before I send out invitations.

  • amanda_pants

    When you go to invite people to like your page, if they already like it their image and name will be greyed out and you won’t be able to select them like this:

  • Jonnie B

    hi thanks for this info but the problem is, i can not see the full list of it.. let say i have around 1200 ppl who liked my page, but all i can see is around 200 names… why is that? can anyone help me about this.. it would be great if this problem so;ve”

    Thank you in advance”

  • amanda_pants

    It looks like you only get to see the most recent 500 people who like your page according to this Search Engine Watch Article

  • Team Louish


  • AndyJJ

    If you’ve converted to a Timeline format, you can show the Admin Panel options on your page and click to show all Likes next to the Insights summary. Don’t have to ‘Use Facebook as…’ anymore though you can still get to this by clicking Edit Page.

  • amanda_pants

    Thanks for the followup Andy. Yes, as Facebook changes a lot of these steps may wiggle around. Thanks again!

  • Claire1982

    Hi, On my business page on Facebook, it will only let me view about 100 names out of 1500…and I really need to see all of the names that like the page!! Can anyone help???

  • Jonnie F.

    First, just want to say, I rarely see another “Jonnie” (in my lifetime, maybe 3 and I’m in my next 1/2 century). Anyway…I can see all of my Likes if I continue to scroll; what I don’t understand is why FB doesn’t allow you to search alphabetically. Sometimes, I just want to check and see if a certain person “Likes” my page, but have to scroll through hundreds to find out. Why not a “search” bar in the “Likes” area for this? Seems easy enough for a genius to figure out

  • Elizabeth Dixon

    thank you for the info!

  • Ryan H.

    I have 73 likes on my page but I can only see 32 of them when I use the methods detailed above. What’s going on? A month or two ago I could see them all.

  • Diwa Dragon

    just now i reached 800+ people ,, now i cant see half of them ,, last week it was fine ,, i was able to see the first person to like my page ,, but now ,, i cant see :(
    (:( help helpppp “:(

  • Gavin Roche

    Hi. I’m having a small raffle to promote my new business page and I need to see all my likes but after following numerous instruction from several blogs and this blog to no avail. I’ve tried both new and old methods but still can only see about 40% of my total likers. On the page Insights-overview it shows the total likes but if I click on the next button which is LIKES leads to a likes demographic with no total number which makes paranoid about the the value of likes the homepage shows. Bottom line is, is this a facebook bug? is there some untold logic to this? Why cant we see all the people that like our page?
    Its driving me loolaa

  • amanda_pants

    Gavin, Facebook keeps changing this but it is a privacy issue. Frustrating, I know.

  • Sandy

    same problem, I can’t see the whole list..I hope they fix it soon

  • jhoudesh

    old article doesn’t work anymore

  • jhoudesh

    best thing to do is go into likes, copy them by scrolling and pasting them into a word document for drawings/giveaways. i had to learn this by trial and error. if you don’t do it like this, you will print your whole facebook page every time you have to scroll to see all your likes.

  • Mary Ellen

    I have 860 Likes on my page and can only see the most recent 4! There is no scroll bar to see the rest.

  • Anng91

    Did you ever find an answer as I am currently having the same issue?

  • Nycky Twyne

    I use and am now able to see all the people who like my business page. The above suggestion just does not work anymore.

  • Renaye Clarke

    it’s so odd isn’t it. if people didn’t want you to know they are looking at your page, then they could just not like. bit silly.

  • Patrycja

    I have the same problem

  • Vicky

    Wow.. Thank you for the trick… FB forum was worth less for this question…

  • lars

    You can reach this list in other ways too but still, you cannot see the whole list and that is for the issue.

  • lars

    that is for ME, it should say…

  • Michael

    yeah unfortunately this method does NOT show ALL likes. Facebook has not created a way to get this info. My page has 400 likes but one can only get 343. Nice attempt though!

  • Kylie Sabra

    This was very helpful. I like to return “LIKES” as it is so important to help each other.

  • AVossarts

    i just want to see a list of people who already like my page in alphabetical order to compare the names in the invite people to like your page to. I dont want to keep inviting people to like my page that already like my page because facebook doesnt exclude people who already like you page( or that you have already invited to like your page from that list). it seems like im going to have to write down all 600 people who like my page from the random list order by hand, then alphabetize the names for convenience so i can compare that to the invite people to like you page list in order to avoid re-inviting people to like my page that already do. what a pain.

  • Ak khan

    actually some of the people have made their ids private…which means you cannot search them…i think that’s why

  • vivek

    nope thats not why
    facebook has changed this thing, they are preventing even the ADMIN from knowing who likes there page… this is so that they dont get huge bunch of facebook user and annoy them with ads

  • Frustrated User

    I want to remove and block someone who keeps copying my content. Even though I have that person blocked from my personal page, they must have my page “liked” to keep seeing my content. I can’t find them on the likes list which only shows about half of my likes. I need to block this person.

  • ScissorMeTender

    this doesnt work, suddenly it stopped showing likes. very annoting. I hope facebook dies a painful death.

  • Angela T.

    Can you corroborate this somehow? It doesn’t make sense that the one who created the page and follows insights (analytics), plus needs to act on that information, would be barred from it.

  • pbiogal

    I have 61 likes but can only see 36. So annoying.

  • Nemo

    I think they want you to pay for promotion.
    Like the fact that not all your page-posts are shown up on your subscribers news feed :/
    They all just want your money..

  • Laura does not show all your likes.

  • Poem Guy

    I am constantly getting new likes, indicated by the red people icon with the number imbeded, and they are not accounted for in the scroll down. I would say about half of the people who like my page are named in this way. Any idea why and how I can find out who is likeing my page?

    Poem Guy

  • West17Media

    Facebook wants to obfuscate this because it’s a privacy issue – all their analytics have been designed to stop you from drilling beyond statistical relevance down to the individual. The new UI won’t let you see anything other than Likes and it definitely doesn’t include those with strict privacy. That being said if you have an Android tablet (like me) you can still see who has most recently Liked your page like the above. If there is a will there is a way. Good luck!

  • Lei

    Nope, you can only see some of them. I’m guessing the people who have liked it that I can’t see have their settings set to private..?? :/

  • TheBeadMuseTX

    THIS IS WHY. >:-(

  • hp

    I can confirm that. When logging into my page not “as the page” but as myself (I’m an admin of
    course) I can see a lists of all my friends that like the page. Some of
    them show up in the “Likes” list I get when logging in as the page (as described in this article), others don’t. The ones who *do* have set their privacy settings so that their likes are visible to everyone (you can check that when searching for them while not logged into Facebook at all). So apperently the page can only retrieve the names of “public likers” while an admin can only see the likers among his/her friends.

  • Valerie Stephens

    I have an Author Page & not a standard “business page”, but this is the current, quickest way to see a full list of people who have “liked” on your Author Page (I don’t know if it’s the same for a business page, etc.). I go to the Author Page, then upper right corner for Settings, then under Settings, People & Other Pages. Voila!