How to Block a Hashtag on Twitter

I love our #SMBME community! Everyone is so generous and helpful. Even when we aren’t having an event, the #SMBME hashtag is alive and well with talks of bacon, other local events, businesses asking for help, recipes and so much more.

Haters gunna hate

keep hashtags outThen there are those people who complain that hashtags are cluttering up their Twitter stream. They are usually the same people that complain about every meal they have, that the weather is too hot and then it is too cold etc.

To the haters and complainers, I would like to offer a hug and a tip – you can actually mute hashtags from your stream! So take a second, read below, delete the hashtags you wish from your stream, enjoy the quieter stream and come see me to redeem your hug!

  1. Proxlet is a Chrome extension that lets you block hashtags, extensions (think foursquare updates) and users.
  2. Tweetdeck is a popular Twitter app. By going to Setting and then Global Filters you can add people, words or sources you want removed from your twitter stream.
  3. If you use Hootsuite you can also set up filters to block unwanted tweets.

Don’t see your favorite Twitter method above? I would suggest doing a quick online search to find out how you too can block unwanted hashtags, tweets and twitterers from your Twitter stream.

Photo credit: eschipul

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