What Flea Taught Me About Automatic Social Media Posts

At our last social media breakfast, someone asked if Facebook didn’t give as much credit to posts that are scheduled over ones that are posted live.

I am not aware that they do BUT my response was that there is usually just something a little off sometimes on scheduled posts. The content can be spot on, the image perfect, the tone correct but sometimes a scheduled post can lose a bit of human credibility.

I went into the weekend thinking about this idea and come Super Bowl Sunday, it reared its head again. The Halftime Show was BIG, it was LOUD, it was EXCITING and… a little off. By now, I am sure many of you have seen it or heard about it but at the time it was confusing. The band wasn’t plugged in. Most notably Flea, the famous guitarist, was not plugged in. His bass guitar was cord free. Some people thought perhaps wireless technology had jumped leaps and bounds from where it was, some people thought it was just hard to see… he WAS playing his heart out. He WAS sweating, leaping and banging on the guitar but it was off.

Flea, Anthony Kiedis

After the game, the word got out and it was actually off… the band mimed the performance. The vocals were live but the instruments were prerecorded. Flea has come out with a statement and I can’t blame them one bit. If the choice was be a part of a once and a lifetime experience like the Super Bowl or say ‘no, thank you’, because you can’t play live… I would probably make the same decision.

There is a lot at stake at the Super Bowl Halftime show. There are millions of things that could go wrong. They can’t gamble that anyone goes over their time and we miss a commercial that cost a million dollars. You don’t want sound to go wrong and ruin your performance. You gotta do, what you gotta do.

The same goes for social media marketing. Of course a live post, native to each platform is ideal but we are all busy. Sometimes you need a tool that will schedule your posts for you. Sometimes you need something that will post to multiple profiles for you. You gotta do, what you gotta do.

So is it better to be a little off, or not even be at the Super Bowl?
And, is it better to schedule, or to not be participating online at all?

I would choose to be at the Super Bowl, you?

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What Is Success?


When we are using social media and content marketing to market our businesses, what does success look like?

In the era of ‘big data’, we can pull information on just about anything. So, why are we settling for weak statistics like followers, likes and posts. Dig deeper, make decisions based on data and show the path from social media to sales, customers and leads. Is it easy? No! Is it do-able? Yes!

Have 10,000 Facebook fans? Cool.
You can have just as much value with 50 Facebook fans if they were engaged and literally ‘buying what you are selling’.

Please do your data better.

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The Value of Your Time

I am starting to notice a new trend in measurement and in qualifying content.
It is something we all have the same amount of and that we all don’t have enough of.

None of us seem to have time to do all the things we want to – things we want to read, projects we want to start, vacations we want to take. I often think of Don Kleiner at a SMBME this Spring talking about all he does with writing and social media. His strongest statement of the morning (to me) was – ‘I only have as much time as all of you do’ and I would argue he may even have less because he is in the woods a lot of the time.

As we are looking at our site’s analytics, more people seem to be focusing on the time spent with our content over the impressions our content may have made. I think that is a good idea.

With qualifying content… selling me on why I should read your content over someone else’s, I am noticing a trend in publishing the amount of MY time it will take to read YOUR content.

Look at this Hulu video on the Huffington Post. See in the video description, it says ’2 min’. I know, without starting the video that it is two minutes long. Well heck, I have two minutes!


Have any of you spent time with the new content-hub platform Medium, the new experiment of Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone? Well see below how they are displaying their content – each post tells you how long it will take you to read it. The post below is 4 minutes. Yes, it is subjective to how fast you read… but you get the idea. Articles seem to range from 2 minutes to up to 15 minutes. I think that is a really great way to let readers know the potential commitment to each article.


Interesting right? So what do you think? Will time be the new measurement for quality content. If HuffPo, Hulu and the guys who started Twitter are doing it…

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Are Google Alerts Case Sensitive?

Google AlertsWe got this question last week and thought I would quickly answer it here.

Google Alerts is a great free service that scours the internet for mentions of keywords that interest you and then they ‘alert’ you when the terms you are tracking are found.

You can set up to receive the alerts as they happen, daily or weekly. For example if I wanted, I could make a Google Alert for the term “Social Media Breakfast Maine” and when we were mentioned, I would be alerted. This is a really easy way to see if people are writing blogs about you, there is news about you or just to see if people are talking about you.

So the question was, are those terms case sensitive. The answer is no. Upper case, lower case… doesn’t matter.

So go ahead. Set up Google Alerts for your name, your company, maybe even your competitors names or common misspellings of your name.

A few tips:

  • Always put quotation marks around the query you are setting up the alert for. That way you will get the exact match for that phrase.
  • Set up the digests to come to you weekly or daily but most likely setting them us as they happen will be unnecessary and very distracting.

Good luck and happy monitoring!

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