Join SMBME at Agents of Change

agents-of-change-logoOne of our favorite local events is coming up and we hope you can join us there. Rich Brooks and his flyte crew put together one heck of a conference each year and this year looks like it is better than before.

The Agents of Change Conference will be held on September 26th at USM. Rich puts on a quality event and brings in some top talent for speakers.

We look forward to seeing our old friend John Lee Dumas, who is crushing it with podcasting right now. We have had him at SMBME and he is a Mainer. He has recently relocated to California and is doing so well. We can’t wait to see him and hear about what he has learned along the way.

We also look forward to hearing from Pat Flynn again, Nathan Latka from Heyo, Nick Unsworth and the rest of the cast looks pretty good too. Topics range from Facebook marketing to podcasting to Pinterest. We know we will learn a ton and be truly inspired to take these stories and tactics and apply them to our work.

Social Media Breakfast Maine is also happy to announce that we are the official breakfast sponsor of Agents of Change. We can’t promise you bacon but we can promise you a well-organized event, some world-class speakers, some internet marketing tips you can take back to work and start immediately to grow your business and some great company.

If you would like $25 off your Agents of Change ticket, just use the code SMBME on Eventbrite!

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Happy Social Media Day!

Look! Up in the sky! It is a bird… a plane…
NO! It is Social Media Day!

Mashable has declared June 30th Social Media Day and it is in its fifth year. Our friends at TideSmart are hosting one heck of a party tonight.
Whether it is at TideSmart tonight, or virtually… raise a glass and cheers to social media. Without it, we wouldn’t know so many of you who inspire us every day.

Happy day!
- Amanda and Jess

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Top Instagram Business Accounts in Maine

We had a GREAT breakfast last week on Instagram. Judi Cutrone and Sue B. Zimmerman taught us so much about how businesses can use Instagram in their marketing. One of the biggest takeaways, was that Instagram is a way for your brand to share moments with the world but… also for your customers to share their moments with your brand to their followers.

I think one of the biggest hurdles is getting started. One of the obstacles to getting started, is coming up with ideas of what to do. I think we learn well from our neighbors, so I thought I would list some of my favorite local business Instagram accounts. Maybe you can get some ideas for your business!

  • Rancourt & Co. – Makers of fine, handcrafted shoes right here in Maine. Their Instagram account is not about selling shoes but about selling a lifestyle. Kyle Rancourt spoke at a previous breakfast and did talk about Instagram and how he uses it and LOVES it.
  • Rancourt & Co Instagram photo

  • The Ropes Maine – Beautiful handmade bracelets and necklaces that just ooze Maine. Like Rancourt & Co., The Ropes Maine shows you the experience of Maine and fashion. I also like that she posts inspirational quotes and gives you a sneak peek into her life as a business owner.
  • L.L. Bean – Beans always does a good job selling the experience of Maine. Their Instagram bio actually says it even better ‘Photos inspired by our love of the outdoors and the great state of Maine.’ Not only do they do the brand experience and the inspirational quotes… but they also do a good job reposting other people’s posts that include their brand. Bonus points for the number of dog and puppy photos too.
  • llbean-instagram

  • Might & Main – For a B2B example, we needed to talk about our friends at Might & Main. When you aren’t selling a product, Instagram can seem a bit more challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Like the others, you are sharing the experience of a brand. Does your product make people’s life easier? Show them enjoying their free time? Are you a design firm? Show your work or… have a Real Italian food fight! Have fun with it. Let people get a behind the scenes look at your business.
  • Haberdashery – Our friends at Others Fair Trade Coffee told us about the Haberdashery. I can’t think of a better business for Instagram than a thrif shop. One of a kind items, with no replenishment. It is genius. New items come in and The Haberdashery puts it on Instagram. Sometimes they style it or put together an outfit. The rumor is people go running to get there to buy the items. Smart.
  • haberdashery-instagram

There you go! There are some of my favorite local Instagram accounts. I hope that helps give you some ideas.

Do you have a business account you think we should follow? Share it with us in the comments!

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Find Out Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Twitter

I have been talking so much about newsfeed algorithms lately. Facebook’s has definitely thrown its fair share of complications. But… I understand it. More and more people are on Facebook and they are liking more pages. That means lots more competition.

Twitter on the other hand, is straight up based on post time. No filters. No algorithm. But is that better? By missing nothing, are you actually missing more? The most important tweets could be getting buried in tweets about people’s lunches, horoscopes or in automatic spam posts.

Twitter is only as valuable as the people you follow. I would recommend regularly taking time to maintain your feed, by maintaining your followers. If someone is posting too much or you don’t like their posts – unfollow them.

Another tip for cleaning up your Twitter feed is to do a scan to see who isn’t following you back. Are they worth following if they don’t feel the same about you? Sometimes yes, but sometimes no.

I like to use Friend or Follow or ManageFlitter. They are simple to use and give you a lot of good information about who is and who isn’t following you. Here is a short video on Friend or Follow.

So, it is time to get some control back on your Twitter account! Clean it up and get better content in your feed. I know I need to :)

I was reminded of of this need to clean up my account from this great BuzzFeed post – 21 Social Media Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner. There is some other great stuff in there too.

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